GPA Yearbook

Making Memories you can Save Forever

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

The Yearbook this year was put together by the GPA Yearbook class. This is the second year we've done Yearbook as a class, so we used the same Yearbook template design from last year. Each student helped to create at least 5-6 pages (totally around 55 pages from the class). The GPA Photography Club provided photos this year, and the winner of the cover design contest was Richard Kim. Please congratulate your friends who contributed to this effort (pictured below).

Yearbook stats

  • 120 pages (30 more than last year)
  • 637 photos (178 more than last year)
  • 506MB design file (217MB more than last year)
  • 17.1MB compressed PDF (4MB more than last year)

Yearbook logo: inspired by Overwatch

Original cover idea: Andrew Choi

Cover design winner: Richard Kim

Alternate versions

Student Pictures

The first section of the Yearbook shows the GPA class rosters and student pictures. No Yearbook would be complete without these! Thanks to everyone Mr. Fuller and the administration for helping set up the Picture Day!

Classes, Activities, Events

Section Two gathers together all the photos from the most memorable classes, activities, and events of the last year - and includes pictures of familiar faces of some of our friends who left in the winter.

Entertainment Survey

The final section of the Yearbook collects the results of our Entertainment survey we took. Each student in the Yearbook class had a hand in choosing the photos and layout for these pages. Good job on all your hard work!

    Special Features

  1. Year in Review

    It's fun to be able to look back and remember the good times you had and the events that were happening. So this Yearbook includes at least four ways for you to remember 2016-2017.

    1. A timeline of memorable world events
    2. Mr. Snowberger's (Yearbook teacher) letter
    3. The Entertainment/Pop culture survey
    4. Your pictures!

  2. Spring 2017 Graduation

    After the Spring 2017 graduation ceremony, I added a new page to the Yearbook with pictures specifically from that event. It's nice to see all of our graduates celebrating their accomplishments as they get ready to head off into the next stage of life.

  3. Highlights of Student work

    There are various sections throughout the Yearbook that show off what YOU have accomplished this past year! From art and science projects, to winning basketball scores, to recitals, photography, yearbook, rebranding efforts, and building mobile apps in JavaScript (AP Computer Science Principles), you have a lot to be proud of!

Sample Pages

Yearbook Contributors

12th grade

11th grade

10th grade

9th grade


Download the Yearbook

Excited to see what's inside these pages? Download your copy here!

And if you're interested in contributing to the 2017-2018 Yearbook, be sure to tell Mr. White. The next Yearbook will be designed & finished in Spring semester 2018!

Alternate Versions

Here are alternate downloads if you want something different.

  • Original version (17MB small file size for easy download)
  • For a high quality (280MB) printable PDF, please email Mr. Snowberger's school email and ask for the link.